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Overcoming Regulatory Enforcement Actions Brought Against Land Owners And Businesses

Has a government regulatory agency such as local code enforcement, California Regional Water Control Board, California or United States EPA or other local land use regulatory agency served you an Order and Notice of Abatement or sued you in court?

Land use regulations have become so complex that sometimes the people charged with enforcing land use regulation do not completely understand how those regulations are to be applied and consequently “over-reach” until they are stopped in court.

Another scenario that occurs when a regulatory agency may make illegal or unconstitutional “add-on” rules used implement the land use laws passed by the legislature that alter or change the law after it left the legislature to be imposed by the administrative agency. When they do that, they “the administrative agency” not the legislature is making law and that is illegal-unconstitutional.

Unconstitutional application of law by the government is termed “under color of law” meaning there is no legal basis for the government action carried out by the administrative regulatory agency you face. In those kinds of situation, a federal lawsuit to stop that may in order. Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, has extensive experience in constitutional law Article 1942 Section 1983 litigation with government entities and administrators in Federal court.

With my knowledgeable guidance, get through your legal challenge and back to business and freedom to utilize your property or land free from government agency interference.

Big Regulation Problems Require Big Solutions

I am attorney Michael S. Biggs, and I bring a wealth of knowledge accumulated through years of law practice.

I understand that sanctions or a lawsuit brought by a government entity can be immensely stressful. It can be difficult to think straight and wade through detailed documentation such as facing potential citations with huge fines, orders to “cease and desist operations” or orders of abatement hurdled in your way. I do the heavy lifting for my clients who must resolve regulatory enforcement issues and have the experience to approach and engage knowledgably and competently.

Information and preparation go hand in hand. If I am your attorney your case will not be shuffled around. You will work directly with me and I will keep you well informed you will be ready to make the right choices in your own best interests.

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