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Litigation & Trial

Attorney Michael S. Biggs

At Biggs Law Office, A.P.C., we handle matters arising in many different areas of law, ranging from business law to personal injury to trusts and estates, government litigation and professional license defense. Attorney Michael S. Biggs has the courage and experience to go up against (entrenched adversaries) large companies and government entities. He is well-prepared, bold, and tenacious, and he will always be looking for ways to make your case strong in the challenging time that you face. He will not hesitate to fight for you in the courtroom, carefully preparing you for each step and keeping you informed consistently about the process. Michael S. Biggs represents clients in Contra Costa County and throughout California.

There are many situations in which it is crucial to retain knowledgeable and sophisticated legal counsel without delay. You may need to sue or defend against a business or individual over a contract or partnership, for which you should retain a Walnut Creek business lawyer. You may need to file a court action to lift a cloud on title or cure a defect with deeds, or representation arising out of a real estate purchase or sale, which can be challenging without a real estate lawyer. You made need a probate or trust lawyer to represent your interest in court which is a complex task that is best handled by a professional. You may be in danger of losing your professional license, in which case an attorney can help you preserve your career and aspirations. You may be injured in a serious accident, after which you should hire a personal injury lawyer to take the burdens of the legal process off your shoulders while you recover. Legal representation also can make a huge difference for people who are going up against the government in an effort to protect their individual rights.

Business and Real Estate Law

Walnut Creek business attorney Michael S. Biggs handles business litigation matters that involve unfair business transactions, violations of consumer protection laws, unfair and deceptive trade practices, fraud or misrepresentation, breaches of fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, real estate sales, and injunctions to stop illegal competition or stop illegal acts causing harm to a business. Each of these claims requires proof of specific elements. For example, to recover damages in a breach of contract lawsuit, you would need to show that a valid contract existed, and the contract was breached. You also would need to show that you did what the contract required you to do (or were not legally required to meet your obligations under it), and you incurred damages. Meanwhile, a breach of fiduciary duty claim requires showing that a fiduciary relationship existed and that the defendant did not meet their obligations as a fiduciary but instead acted in their own interest. As with a breach of contract claim, the plaintiff also must have incurred actual losses.

While some disputes pit businesses against each other, business litigation often involves conflicts within a business or between a business and its customers. As an experienced business attorney based in Walnut Creek, Michael S. Biggs understands the delicate dynamics that may be involved in these situations, and he will listen carefully to your goals. He also handles many issues related to real estate, such as disputes arising from transactions that involved a non-disclosure of defects on the property.

Professional License Defense

If your professional license is being threatened, you should respond immediately and effectively to preserve your livelihood. Our firm handles professional license disciplinary proceedings with regard to various types of licenses, such as proceedings involving registered nurses before the California Board of Registered Nursing. Like criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings are adversarial, which means that it is critical to hire an experienced trial attorney to stand up to the regulatory power of the state. Walnut Creek business lawyer Michael S. Biggs will make sure that your side of the story is told clearly and persuasively while we fight for a fair outcome on your behalf.

Trust and Estate Law

Disputes can come up during the administration of a trust or probate estate, particularly when there are substantial amounts of money involved or when there is a conflict among the family members. Disputes can come up between beneficiaries, between a trustee and beneficiaries, or even between family members and third parties. Trust and estate litigation can involve breaches of fiduciary duty, disputed creditor claims, disputes over the validity of a will or trust, undue influence, partition actions, and guardianships, as well as other issues. We represent clients when their rights to an estate are being suppressed. These cases often overlap with elder financial abuse, in which money is being wrongfully controlled to a client’s detriment.

Personal Injury

We offer a case evaluation and handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid if we get a settlement or verdict for you. Preparation is critical for success, since defense lawyers will not take your case seriously unless it is thoroughly prepared for trial. This helps us get settlement offers for victims that properly meet their needs. In most cases, a personal injury attorney will aim to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way. This means that they failed to act carefully under the circumstances and that the victim suffered injuries or losses as a result. However, there are some types of personal injury cases in which a theory of strict liability may apply instead. We will look into the situation surrounding your injuries and assess which legal theories may apply.

Government Law

Our firm handles government law claims in state and federal courts, such as civil rights lawsuits, property takings cases, and personal injury lawsuits against municipal, state, or federal agencies. When the government violates your civil rights, you may have a basis to file a Section 1983 claim. Under a Section 1983 claim, anybody who causes a U.S. citizen or another person within their jurisdiction to be deprived of their Constitutional or legal privileges, rights, or immunities under color of law can be held liable. For example, if a governmental agency fails to provide due process, there may be a basis for a Section 1983 claim. By contrast, the California Claims Act and the Federal Tort Claims Act provide grounds for bringing personal injury claims against the state and federal governments.

Consult an Experienced and Compassionate Advocate

Attorney Michael S. Biggs is a vigorous and experienced trial advocate who works hard to find ways to advance the goals of his clients. At Biggs Law Office, A.P.C., we provide flexible office hours and maintain open lines of communication. Call us at 925.933.1300 or complete our online form if you need a business lawyer in Walnut Creek or representation in a matter involving trusts and estates, government law, a professional license, or a serious accident. Michael S. Biggs represents people throughout the North Bay and the East Bay, including in Sonoma, Napa, and Contra Costa Counties.

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"...My wife's excellent reputation was preserved. Mr Biggs was key to this achievement, we are so grateful and so thankful for his expert services. Mr Biggs is now our family attorney, we will always refer our family and dearest friends and colleagues to him. Mr Biggs has proven to be a crusader for justice and ethics [...] We sleep much batter at night now knowing if and when life deals us serious legal considerations , Mr Biggs is just a phone call away. Thank you Mr Biggs." Todd T.
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