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Attorney Michael S. Biggs will represent you at all phases of your case and has no qualms about stepping into the courtroom for you. He is a well prepared, bold, tenacious, and confident trial attorney. At Biggs Law Office A.P.C, we will provide you with flexible office hours and open lines of communication keeping you informed about the status of your case. If you are called to testify in court we will work with you to prepare you well in advance. We will always be looking for ways from A to Z to make your case strong in the challenging times you face.

We represent Personal Injury clients and will evaluate your case at no cost. If we move forward and file a lawsuit for you we charge a contingency fee meaning we only get paid if we get you a settlement or a verdict. The defense lawyers don’t take a settlement offer seriously when they sense a weak case. We will build a strong case for you sending the defense lawyers a message that we are at a “heightened” level of preparedness and ready take your case to trial if they don’t settle with you to your satisfaction. Preparedness is the most crucial element for success.

With Government Lawsuits we utilize the state and federal courts to bring justice to bear and stop abuse of state and local government agencies/regulators power depriving clients of their civil rights under Article 1942 Section 1983, where their private property rights are infringed upon on, or sue for personal injury damages under the California Claims Act or Federal Tort Claims Act.

With Professional License Defense we stand up to the regulatory power of the state demanding fairness and ensuring that our clients side of the story is told clearly and persuasively with an aim to protect their license as their livelihoods are on the line and they need the best advocacy.

With Trust/Estate cases we represent client’s where their rights to an estate are being suppressed. These cases often tie into undue influence and overlap with Elder Financial Abuse where money is being wrongfully controlled to a client’s detriment.

With Business Law we represent clients who have been victims to unfair business transactions, violations of consumer protection laws, or otherwise wronged by sharp business practices.

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Our North Bay office is conveniently located in Marin right off HWY 101 between the Hwy 37 Hwy 101 interchange and the Richmond Bridge Hwy 101 interchange at the Freitas Parkway exit with easy parking at our office, or in some situations we can come to you and we offer evening and weekend appointments.
Free Case Evaluation with Attorney Michael S. Biggs 415.789.5823
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