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At Biggs Law Office A.P.C., we are based in Walnut Creek, in Contra Costa County, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team of dedicated and accomplished law professionals stand ready to guide you through the complex terrain of litigation.

At our office, your legal matter is handled with stringent professionalism, high ethical standards, precise attention to detail, and the utmost dedication to your satisfaction and success.

With practice experience in all of the nine-bay area Superior Courts from Sonoma to Napa, Marin, Santa Clara County and various other Courts throughout Northern California. We also represent clients in the U.S. District Courts.

Michael S. Biggs, Esq., attorney in Contra Costa County is the principal litigation attorney at Biggs Law Office A.P.C. With 19 years litigation and trial experience he fights hard with heart and skill. We have extensive courtroom experience with cases from basic to complex and aim to win for all of our clients.

Real Estate Litigation

If you are involved in a real estate dispute and need an attorney , you should consult with an attorney in Contra Costa County to discuss your options. Real estate litigation can be complex and expensive, so it is important to have an experienced litigation attorney on your side. Representing real estate owners since 2005 from Contra Costa County to Mendocino County Michael S. Biggs, Esq., has real estate litigation experience that can work for you ranging from basic to complex including environmental law injunctions, federal law Clean Water ACT, as well as legal issues arising out of private party real estate transactions. Contact us today. Call us at (925) 933-1300. At Biggs Law Office, A.P.C.

  • Land or water pollution
  • Land use regulation
  • Quite title actions
  • Seller misrepresentation
  • Real estate agency issues fiduciary duty

Business Litigation

Attorney in Contra Costa County serving the east bay and north bay area counties providing legal representation for business owners. If you are involved in a business litigation case, it is important to understand your legal rights and options. Biggs Law Office A.P.C., with 19 years of basic to complex business litigation experience can help you assess your case, develop a strategy, and represent you in court. Call us today for your consultation.

  • Breach of Contract Sales
  • Breach of Contract Employment
  • Unfair Competition Business and Professions Code Section 17200
  • Sale of Business, Employment Contracts
  • Trade Secrets Proprietorship Materials
  • Labor Code Issues
  • Discrimination claims

Government Agency Litigation

Civil Lawsuits

Civil litigation against government agencies can be complex and challenging. Government agencies have a number of advantages in litigation, such as sovereign immunity and access to government resources. However, private parties also have certain rights in government agency litigation, such as the right to sue the government and the right to have their case heard by a fair and impartial judge.

Lawsuits for damages, injunction and civil rights may be filed in the civil courts.

Administrative Law

In California administrative law is the body of law that governs the rulemaking and adjudicatory activities of state agencies. It includes the procedures that agencies must follow when adopting regulations, adjudicating disputes, and making other decisions.

Administrative law also includes the substantive law that governs the activities of agencies, such as the laws that protect the environment and regulate business and land use.

  • Administrative Law Abatement Orders
  • Administrative Hearings
  • State Board Hearings

If you are facing an administrative law abatement order from a regulatory agency or considering filing a lawsuit against a government agency, it is important to consult with an experienced litigation attorney who can you assess your case and develop a litigation strategy.

We have been practicing government agency litigation with civil and administrative cases since 2005. Centrally located attorney in Contra Costa County serving clients in Northern California.


Centrally located in Walnut Creek, California, we represent clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, East Bay and Northern California including Marin County, Mendocino County, Sonoma County, Napa County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and Solano County and beyond.

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I am attorney Michael S. Biggs, centrally located in Walnut Creek, California, serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California, and I am grateful for your consideration of my legal services.

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