What Kinds of Real Estate Law Cases Has Biggs Law Office, A.P.C Handled ?

Biggs Law Office, A.P.C has handled real estate contract cases involving sales issues such as misrepresentation. Biggs Law Office, A.P.C has also handled real estate land use cases under state and federal law as well as land use cases fighting abatement orders and red tags from government regulatory agencies.

What Are Some of the Types of Business Law Cases Litigated by Biggs Law Office, A.P.C?

Biggs Law Office, A.P.C has represented clients on business contract matters ranging from successfully defending on allegations of fraud with breach of contract to partnership breach of fiduciary duty and self-dealing and employment contracts.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can be physical and financial. Physical abuse can be from deprivation of necessities, accidents and medical problems due to lack of care. Financial abuse is where seniors are tricked into giving up their money or do not have the capacity to consent to financial transactions and they are exploited.

What Are Some of the Types of Elder Abuse Cases Taken on by Biggs Law Office, A.P.C?

Biggs Law Office, A.P.C successfully took a case to trial representing family of an elderly gentleman with dementia who deeded away his real estate to a woman who entered his life when he was in his eighties where a living trust was created for when he died through a fraudulent trust mill. Others have been financial sadly often brought about by relatives.

What Is Trust Litigation?

This involves a narrow area of law. A trust is a legal instrument that holds something for someone’s benefit in trust for them. Trust litigation is what can happen if there are competing interests over the subject matter of the trust usually the issue is “who gets what”. It can be land use rights or money.

How Long Has Biggs Law Office, A.P.C Been Handling Trust Litigation?

For 18 years Biggs Law Office, A.P.C has litigated trust cases ranging from a land trust involving hundreds of beneficiaries to family estate living trust issues involving distribution of trust assets and accounting.

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