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Giving Californians A Voice During Probate Disputes

Probate can be emotionally and mentally taxing, especially if you’re still grieving the loss of your loved one. People can have different interpretations of their estate, causing family tensions to boil to the surface. You may need to challenge the estate in probate court when this happens.

Biggs Law Office is equipped to handle probate disputes. As a trial-ready lawyer, I can advocate for your needs and fight to uphold your family’s legacy. I understand that family dynamics can complicate things and if minor disputes turn into contentious litigation, I will provide professional and effective representation every step of the way.

What Does Probate Include?

Probate involves administering your loved one’s estate after death. This can include distributing assets to beneficiaries, managing trusts and establishing new guardianships and conservatorships. Here are a few things I can help out with:


People may have a spouse or other loved one that requires additional care. Now that they’re gone, a new guardian must take their place. Whether you want to understand your role as a guardian or contest the individual named as a guardian, I can be your trusted legal advocate. I can explain your rights, responsibilities and obligations under California’s guardianship laws or fight to remove a guardian who is not fit for their role.


You may become someone’s conservator or wish to remove the person selected as a conservator after your loved one dies. I can help you understand your situation and the rights, responsibilities and obligations you hold as a conservator in California. Or, if there are disagreements over who should be the new conservator, I can advocate for the conservatee’s best interests in these disputes.

Financial Elder Abuse

Sometimes, desperate family members or loved ones may gain access to a person’s bank account or other assets without their knowledge and use it for personal gain. This abuse can have a devastating effect on your loved one’s legacy; it can also limit opportunities for other beneficiaries. I can help families hold financial abusers accountable. Is someone taking financial advantage of your loved one’s estate? Call my office at 925-933-1300 today to tell me about your situation.

Breach Of Duty By A Trustee

Trustees are responsible for managing trust assets for designated beneficiaries. However, some trustees fail to fulfill their fiduciary duties. Whether trustees steal, forget to pay taxes or make poor investment choices involving the trust, those bad decisions can have lasting effects. If you are a beneficiary hurt by the poor decisions of a trustee, I can help you take legal action and seek damages against them.

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