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North Bay Attorney Providing Knowledgeable Representation in Diverse Situations

Many people will need to engage the services of an attorney at some point in their lives, such as when they are facing a business or real estate dispute, dealing with the consequences of an accident, or administering an estate. Since these situations can affect the rest of your life, it is critical to retain an attorney who is skilled in navigating the California court system and who will assertively advocate on your behalf. Michael S. Biggs is a trusted Marin County business lawyer who spent more than a decade serving residents of the North Bay and the East Bay, including Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Contra Costa Counties.

Business and Real Estate Law

Business disputes are often contractual in nature. For example, one party may refuse to fulfill its obligations under a contract, despite reaping the benefit conferred by the contract. Another example of a contractual issue that businesses often encounter involves damage to business interests caused by an employee’s violation of a non-compete agreement. The deterioration of business partnerships is a frequent cause of lawsuits as well. There may be a divergence between the partners regarding their rights and obligations, or there may be a question as to whether a partner is acting in the best interests of the business.

Sometimes disputes can arise from real estate transactions, such as the sale of commercial real estate or commercial leases. The outcome of real estate litigation can affect the future success of the business, since it may rely on operating in a certain location. Many leases and sale documents are written in complex, technical language, which may be ambiguous. As a business attorney in Marin County who is also familiar with real estate law, Michael S. Biggs can help you review contractual language and ensure that you understand it. If a dispute already has arisen, he will know how to present your position in a compelling manner. He handles litigation arising from transactions that involved a non-disclosure of property defects, as well as court actions to lift clouds on title or cure a defect with deeds.

Trusts and Estates Law

Trusts are legal agreements that allow people to transfer their assets and property to a beneficiary indirectly. In addition to the beneficiary and the person who created the trust, a trust must have a trustee, who is the person who administers the trust and distributes assets. Issues often arise during the administration of a trust. In some cases, the parties may disagree as to the interpretation of the terms of the trust documents, or the beneficiaries may argue that the trustee has breached their duty to exercise reasonable skill and care in the administration of the trust. Michael S. Biggs is experienced in litigating trust disputes and stands ready to protect your interests.

Government Law

Going up against the government in a legal battle can be an arduous task without a lawyer. The laws that apply to ordinary citizens may differ from the laws that apply to the government. For instance, the government holds certain immunities with regard to personal injury claims, and specific notice requirements apply to claims against a government agency. While the government has certain powers not granted to individuals, the government is not permitted to misuse its powers to the detriment of its citizens. In other words, the government cannot infringe on a person's civil rights or take a person's land without justification. If you believe that a government agency has infringed upon your rights, Michael S. Biggs is not afraid to stand up for you.

Professional License Defense

Many professions require people who wish to pursue that type of career to obtain and maintain professional licenses. For example, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and nurses all must be licensed to practice their professions. If a licensed professional is accused of misconduct that is significantly related to their license, this can result in disciplinary action, up to and including the revocation of their license. Michael S. Biggs has substantial experience as a professional license defense attorney and understands the high stakes in these situations, and he is proficient in defending licensed professionals who have been accused of misconduct.

Personal Injury

Accidents that cause injuries are unfortunately common and usually are caused by careless conduct. For example, a victim may be injured in a slip and fall due to a landowner’s failure to repair a dangerous condition on their property, or a victim may be injured in a car accident caused by an unsafe driver. To establish liability in a personal injury case, a victim must show that the person or entity that caused their harm acted carelessly under the circumstances, and this carelessness was the cause of the accident. It is important to consult personal injury attorney Michael S. Biggs as soon as possible, since any lawsuit to recover damages must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Retain a Capable Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Regardless of the nature of your case, it is important to engage an attorney who has the knowledge and skills needed to set forth strong arguments in your favor. Attorney Michael S. Biggs provides diligent and effective representation throughout the North Bay and the East Bay, including in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Contra Costa Counties, in a variety of practice areas. You can contact Michael S. Biggs at 415-789-5823 or via the form online if you need a business lawyer in Marin County or representation in an accident claim, a professional license proceeding, or a matter related to trusts and estates or government law.