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About My Law Practice And My Dedication To Clients And Their Needs

I am attorney Michael S. Biggs in Walnut Creek, California, and I am grateful for your consideration of my legal services. After getting my undergraduate degree at Sonoma State University, I went on to receive my Juris Doctor degree from The University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. For nearly 20 years, I have owned and operated my law firm, Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, with the purpose of applying my talents to solve people’s legal problems, especially difficulties involving government agencies, laws and regulations.

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How My Experience Can Be An Asset In Your Case

Whatever troubles you face, I am ready to do the heavy lifting that you need to reach a favorable resolution. Let me know about the challenges you face such as any of the following:

  • Is your professional license subject to discipline by a pending accusation from a state license board? Most of the California state license boards are represented by the California Attorney General’s Office and an accusation against a licensee is a serious matter. Investigators if they already hadn’t will interview you. It’s critical that you have an experienced attorney such as Michael S. Biggs at your side every step of the way. Your case won’t be shuffled around. You will be working exclusively with Michael.
    • Additional caution goes to a licensee such as a nurse or physician and others employed in the public sector at a state, city or county employer. Those licensees will have to deal with a separate administrative discipline from their employers on the same issues that the license board will make in their accusation at another point in time. This comes often as a surprise after the licensee made incriminating statements and entered into a stipulated agreement with their public employer’s administration at or before a Skelly hearing thinking the matter is resolved. Those statements can then be “used against you latter in the board’s administrative accusation”. The two administrative processes you may encounter are separate but parallel but usually one after the other. This is why you need an attorney such as Michael S. Biggs with Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation. Michael has extensive experience practicing with the public employer’s administrative process and the board’s separate administrative process which aims to discipline or revoke your professional license.
  • Are you experiencing unfair discipline, a hostile work environment  or a wrongful termination at your public sector job?
    • At your public sector job have you been served a Notice of Intent to Discipline or received a notice that you may request a Skelly hearing? Its important “early on” that these preliminary administrative matters be handled competently or you may unknowingly waive your rights to sue in court. You should always consult with an attorney before you sign any stipulation with your public sector employer that may terminate your right to sue because there may be other legal grounds with legal rights and remedies not at issue before the Skelly hearing. Those legal rights you may have “may not be readily apparent to you at that time”. You need an attorney representing you at every step. Always make sure you understand what roles attorneys who may be present have and who their duties go to. Under stress and not being familiar with public sector admirative processes things may not be so clear. Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation has the experience to take you in the right direction and will conduct the thorough investigation you need to make sure all of your legal options are left open. Public employees are entitled to all of the rights to be free from a hostile work environment. Often an unfair administrative discipline process arises against the and employees at the same time the employee is facing a hostile work environment. Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation has extensive court room experience with these kinds of problems. If you have been trampled upon and find your self being thrown under the bus Michael can help you by filing a lawsuit suing your employer.
  • Has a government regulatory agency such as local code enforcement, the California Regional Water Control Board, California or United States EPA or other land use regulatory agency served you an Order and Notice of Abatement or sued you in court? Land use regulations have become so complex that sometimes the people charged with enforcing land use regulation do not completely understand how those regulations are to be applied and consequently “over-reach” until they are stopped in court. Another scenario that occurs is that the regulatory agency may make illegal or unconstitutional “add-on” rules to carry the land use laws passed by the legislature. When they do that, they not the legislature is making law and that is illegal-unconstitutional. Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation has had extensive successful experience spanning nearly two decades in constitutional law Article 1942 Section 1983 litigation with government entities and local Agency administrators in Federal court. Federal court operates much different than the local state courts, it is more complex and has higher practice standards which are rigorous. Michael S. Biggs has a long-time established track record in the Federal Courts.
  • Have you been injured in an accident on government owned property or land due or injured in an accident due to roadway hazards caused by dangerous conditions caused by government negligence? Unlike a typical personal injury case involving private parties An action for “money or damages” may not be maintained against the “state” or a “public entity” Unless a written claim has first been timely presented to the defendant and rejected in whole or part Govt Code §§905, 905.2, 945.5. Unlike a personal injury case not involving a state or public entity” If a written claim is not presented within a very short time after the incident as is required by the law you will not be able to sue for damages at all no matter how great your harm or damages. You should always seek the advice of an attorney right away.

I have extensive experience in state, federal and administrative courts. I am confident that I can help you find the way forward even if your case must go before a judge or jury. I have litigated hundreds of cases involving highly complex issues throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California. I am admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Northern and Southern Districts of California as well as all California state courts and the California Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

At Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, You Will Work Closely And Directly With Your Attorney

A great benefit of having my own law firm is that my clients employ me directly. If I am your lawyer, we will work closely together in pursuit of the goals that matter the most to you: preservation of your professional license, compensation for your injuries or justice after a violation of your employment rights or civil rights.

To schedule a consultation about the legal challenges that you face, call me at 925-371-9796 or send me an email inquiry.