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Having represented clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade, litigation lawyer Michael S. Biggs has the knowledge, skill, and dedication that it takes to navigate the judicial system and vigorously assert your interests. He can offer comprehensive representation in matters involving business litigation, trusts and estates, land use and government regulation, professional licensing, employment law/public sector litigation, personal injury, and civil rights. Mr. Biggs has learned how to foster relationships with a wide variety of individuals and strives to maintain clear communication with clients, colleagues, and the courts at each step of the process. He takes pride in thinking outside the box, which provides an extra edge that can make a positive difference.

Mr. Biggs recognizes that court proceedings are adversarial, which means that they require combining top-notch investigatory skill, tactical judgment, and strategic focus with a precise application of the law. He is clear, concise, and to the point in using every means at his disposal to further the goals of each client. The Law Offices of Michael S. Biggs is ready to assist people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties. Mr. Biggs maintains his main office in San Rafael, which offers ample parking and convenient access from Highway 101, and he also maintains a staffed office in Downtown San Francisco and a satellite office in Walnut Creek. He is available to meet with clients at any of these locations.

Assistance with Resolving Estates and Trusts Disputes

Mr. Biggs frequently represents beneficiaries and trustees in cases involving the distribution of trust assets. When it comes to administering a trust, a trustee has certain legal obligations and duties regarding how the trust must be maintained and administered. Since trustees oversee assets and funds for the benefit of the beneficiaries, they have a fiduciary duty to use due care in exercising their power and to make decisions that are in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Common examples of legal disputes that may arise regarding a trust include breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, self-dealing, failure to distribute trust assets, and failure to provide an accounting.

Experienced Guidance for Business Law Matters

Every business owner, investor, or entrepreneur hopes that he or she will never need to hire an attorney to resolve a legal dispute. All too often, however, people are unable to resolve these issues independently, necessitating guidance from a dedicated and experienced business litigation lawyer. San Francisco litigation lawyer Michael S. Biggs frequently advises people about disputes involving a breach of contract, interference with prospective economic advantage and business sales.

Mr. Biggs has substantial experience helping individuals navigate partnership and joint venture dissolutions, as well as investigating claims of breach of fiduciary duty and misrepresentation. Business partners owe certain duties to one another and the business to act with due care and candor. If a partner fails to act according to this standard, it can create a serious rift that prevents the business from moving forward.

Helping Property Owners and Real Estate Developers Protect their Real Estate in Land Use Matters

Mr. Biggs has provided many Northern California property owners with legal guidance regarding disputes with government agencies over land use regulations, property citations, fines and penalties, and the denial of permits, as well as nuisance disputes and obtaining injunctions. Mr. Biggs is also well versed in the area of constitutional law and land use and is adapt at litigating against local government agencies where problems can be traced to bureaucratic abuses of power invoking violations of constitutional procedural and substantive due process rights.

Mr. Biggs can aggressively protect your interests as a property owner throughout the legal process.

Professional Licensing Defense and Administrative Law

Mr. Biggs also has experience representing professionals in licensing matters, including licensing hearings before state boards. He is well versed in the Administrative Procedures Act and other rules of administrative law.

Employment Law/Public Sector

Mr. Biggs has represented public sector employees in state and federal court who have been victims of contrived allegations or retaliated against for whistleblowing. Mr. Biggs also has experience with issues involving union memorandums of understanding (MOU) contract rights, Skelly Hearings, and arbitrations. Having had extensive litigation experience in the area of constitutional due process rights, Mr. Biggs has a reputation as the “go to lawyer” when unions fail or simply have not been able to vigorously defend the interest of their members.

Representing Victims in Personal Injury & Civil Rights Cases

Mr. Biggs has experience assisting people who have been hurt as the result of someone else’s negligent or intentionally harmful acts. In general, each of us owes one another a duty to act with the same level of care that a reasonably prudent person would use in a similar situation. Negligence often arises in situations involving property owners that have dangerous conditions on their premises, dangerous road conditions, and medical professionals who provide inadequate care, as well as companies that produce unreasonably dangerous products that harm consumers.

Mr. Biggs has substantial experience with civil rights cases, including Section 1983 cases as well as claims based on California and federal anti-discrimination laws.

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Bringing a lawsuit against a business entity, an individual, or the government can seem like a difficult process. It is critical to retain an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who is committed to fighting for your rights. As his strong track record shows, San Francisco litigation attorney Michael S. Biggs has no qualms about stepping into the courtroom. He is a tough, tenacious, and confident litigator who has handled hundreds of claims, including many complex and unusual cases, and he prides himself on his thoroughness. Proudly serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties, he offers a free and private consultation to help you learn about your rights and options. Call us at 415-789-5823 or contact us online to set up an appointment if you need a trusts and estates attorney or guidance in a business, land use, professional licensing, employment law/public sector, or personal injury/civil rights matter.

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