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Life is a path we all walk on but if somebody else’s negligence imposes a condition on that path causing harm you have a right to demand compensation for your injuries. In California, property owners have a responsibility to exercise ordinary care so that people who visit their property will not get hurt as a result of a dangerous condition on the property. San Francisco Bay Area slip and fall lawyer Michael S. Biggs of Biggs Law A.P.C. will provide you with prompt and professional representation. As an aggressive premises liability attorney, he takes personal satisfaction from fighting for the rights of ordinary people. He is a vigorous trial advocate who does not back down from conflict in the courtroom and is not intimidated by squaring off against large corporations, insurers, or government agencies.

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Bringing a Slip and Fall Accident Claim for Compensation

A slip and fall accident can happen virtually anywhere. Regardless of where the injury occurs, it is important to understand how you can go about asserting your right to compensation from a negligent landowner.

Once an action is filed with the court, there are certain factual and legal elements that you will need to prove with the assistance of a slip and fall attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. For example, California law requires property owners to take steps to ensure that their premises are safe. For people who are invited to a property for business or financial purposes, the business must conduct regular inspections to ensure that the property is free of any dangerous conditions. It must post warnings if it is not able to fix a hazard so that visitors can take precautions. To protect social guests at homes or other residential locations, a property owner is required to repair dangerous conditions or provide adequate warnings about their presence.

After establishing that a property owner failed to meet their duty of care, the plaintiff must show that this failure caused their accident. Causation can be a tricky element, especially when the accident happens suddenly and unexpectedly. When it comes to supermarket slip and falls, California has specific rules that the plaintiff can use to show that the supermarket staff had constructive notice regarding commonly spilled grocery store items, such as fruits and vegetables. Even if the plaintiff was partly responsible for the accident by failing to use reasonable care in observing their surroundings, they still may be able to recover a lesser amount of damages from a defendant.

Finally, the plaintiff will need to provide documentation supporting the amount and types of damages that they are seeking in the lawsuit, which can include medical bills, missed paychecks, and future damages such as ongoing medical care or lost earning capacity. As a result, it is useful to maintain good records of any expenses that you incur related to the accident. More subjective forms of damages like pain and suffering also may be recovered. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist you in determining which items of damages you should seek in a potential lawsuit.

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At Biggs Law Office, A.P.C., we pride ourselves on fighting for people who have been oppressed or mistreated by those who are more powerful. We want to help you ensure that a careless property owner is held accountable. With offices located in San Francisco and San Rafael, we provide a consultation to help you learn about your options and how we may be able to assist you. San Francisco Bay Area slip and fall attorney Michael S. Biggs can help victims throughout San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, Marin, Sonoma Napa and Solano Counties. Call us now at 415-789-5823 or contact us online to set up your appointment with an aggressive personal injury lawyer.