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Employment Law Representation

When I speak of employment law at Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, I am referring to the protection of my clients’ rights and interests in their public service occupations. I am attorney Michael S. Biggs, and I understand the importance of protecting your rank, salary, promised promotions, retirement benefits, reputation and peace of mind. I will defend you if you have been accused of wrongdoing or wrongfully terminated from employment.

If your rights have been trampled upon or you have been subjected to hostile work conditions or unlawful treatment of any kind, I will sue your employer for damages. Your initial consultation at Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, can mean turning your situation around and moving forward in a positive direction.

Are you experiencing unfair discipline or a wrongful termination at your public sector job?

It is absolutely critical to protecting your legal rights that the initial administrative phase is handled competently by experienced counsel.

At your public sector job have you been served a Notice of Intent to Discipline or received a notice that you may request a Skelly hearing? Its important “early on” that these preliminary administrative matters be handled competently or you may unknowingly waive your rights to sue in court. You should always consult with an attorney before you sign any stipulation with your public sector employer that may terminate your right to sue because there may be other legal grounds with legal rights and remedies not at issue before the Skelly hearing. Those legal rights you may have “may not be readily apparent to you at that time”. You need an attorney representing you at every step.

Always make sure you understand what roles attorneys who may be present have and who their duties go to. Under stress and not being familiar with public sector admirative processes things may not be so clear. Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation has the experience to take you in the right direction and will conduct the thorough investigation you need to make sure all of your legal options are left open.

My nearly 20 years of experience, strong track record and principled determination on behalf of my employment law clients are all reasons to entrust your legal problem to my care.

I will help you overcome hurdles in your way, protect you from professional challenges to your integrity and otherwise safeguard your rights and interests associated with your employment in Northern California.

As you are finding your way through a difficult situation related to your public employment at the local, state or federal level, let me help you discover the road map to justice and relief. Call me at 925-371-9796 or send an email to schedule a consultation.