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Defending Your Professional License Against Accusation By State Board

If your livelihood depends on a professional license, you must guard that license diligently. You are no doubt aware of this imperative, as you are up against disciplinary action in your profession. You may face the potential loss of your professional license because of alleged wrongdoing on the job or legal troubles of any kind. You have done the right thing by reaching out to a law firm with a focus on professional license defense.

At Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, the seriousness of your situation will receive full consideration. I am attorney Michael S. Biggs. I have helped many Californians preserve their professional licenses under a wide variety of circumstances. It is deeply satisfying to help someone protect their career at the same time that I help them overcome a legal challenge.

I Will Work To Protect Your Ability To Practice Your Profession

You may be a physician, a nurse or another type of health care worker or other professional licensee whose license is at risk. Have you been accused of gross negligence at work? Your professional licensing board may have served you an accusation that you must respond to within the time period they tell you. If you do not you will waive your right to defend against the accusation against your license and may be revoked.

In my law practice, I regularly handle complex, unique and high-stakes cases on behalf of Northern California professionals, including:

  • Health care workers
  • Registered nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Medical doctors
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • And many others

I am skilled at unraveling a complicated situation and lead my client forward. I will guide you in the right direction with one overarching goal in mind: Protecting your professional license through a vigorous and through defense.

I have fine-tuned my skills for discovering the reality of the situation. I have extensive court room experience in the art of direct and cross examination of witnesses-seeking to expose the truth. What is being said about what you did may, in fact, not be the reality of what happened. With full transparency from you, I can work to understand what happened. There are two sides of a story. Together, we can straighten out what really happened.

A Big Problem Requires A Bigger Solution: Let’s Find That For You

When you become a client of Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, you and your files will not be shuffled around among legal staff. You will work directly with me in an invested, determined pursuit of your goals.

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