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After You Have Suffered An Injury On Government Property Or Public Transit

Many personal injury law firms shy away from injury cases involving government defendants in a lawsuit. With limitations on liability and special procedural rules, getting compensation in such cases can be tedious and extra challenging.

At Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation, however, you will find counsel experienced with government tort litigation that you need to recover all compensation you are eligible for after an injury on public property or road hazards caused by local government negligence.

I am attorney Michael S. Biggs in Walnut Creek, and representing people as plaintiffs bringing claims against public entities is one of my strengths. My experience includes a strong track record involving litigation in state, federal and administrative courts throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.

Ensure A Great Outcome With A Skillful Litigator On Your Side

Did you fall down or get injured because a property area under management and control of the city or county was improperly maintained or neglected? Did the county, State or City, leave a road work sight in dangerous condition and you crashed your vehicle?

With these types of cases where you have to sue “government” special; rules apply unlike ordinary personal injury cases. This is why you need counsel such as Biggs Law Office, A Professional Corporation experienced in the complex rules necessary to bring a successful lawsuit against a government defendant.

To improve your chances of physical recovery, get top-notch medical care and follow doctors’ orders. To increase your chances of a successful legal and financial recovery, work closely with a lawyer with ample experience in cases occurring on government property or public transportation.

Get Your Case Underway For The Best Chance Of A Promising Recovery

Have you been injured in an accident on government owned property or land due or injured in an accident due to roadway hazards caused by dangerous conditions caused by government negligence?

Unlike a typical personal injury case involving private parties, an action for “money or damages” may not be maintained against the “state” or a “public entity” Unless a written claim has first been timely presented to the defendant and rejected in whole or part Govt Code §§905, 905.2, 945.5.

Unlike a personal injury case not involving a state or public entity” If a written claim is not presented within a very short time after the incident as is required by the law you will not be able to sue for damages at all no matter how great your harm or damages. You should always seek the advice of an attorney right away.

To schedule a free consultation after an injury that took place on any type of local, state or federal property, call me at 925-371-9796 or send an email message.