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Dog Bites

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Dogs bring joy to our lives as beloved family members. While dog ownership has important benefits, each dog owner has a responsibility to take precautions regarding the safety of people in the vicinity of the dog. Dog bites and other injuries caused by dogs are a serious problem in Northern California. If a dog has attacked you or someone in your family, you should contact San Francisco dog bite lawyer Michael S. Biggs. He will fight to recover your medical costs and other damages, such as pain and suffering. Michael is a zealous injury attorney who stands up for People. He is here to hold accountable anyone who was responsible for harming you while you focus on healing. Michael offers a case evaluation to discuss your legal next steps and does not charge any fees unless he gets money for you.

Claims Based on Dog Bites

Dog owners are strictly liable under California law if their dog bites and injures someone. This means that the owner generally will be liable even if there is no fault on their part, and the owner acted reasonably in handling the dog.

A dog owner is liable for damages if the dog bites someone else in a public place or on private property if the victim is lawfully present on the property. (For example, a letter carrier delivering mail might be bitten by a property owner’s dog.) It makes no difference whether the dog has ever bitten someone before or whether the owner knows of any tendency to bite. By law, dog owners must provide contact information if their dog bites a victim. Penalties may be incurred if the owner fails to provide personal contact information to the injured person.

What if a dog harms you in an incident that does not involve an actual bite? If a leashed dog trips a person and causes a fall, the dog owner can be held liable for any resulting injuries that were caused by their negligence in handling the animal. A violation of a local ordinance, such as allowing a dog to roam free, is considered negligence per se, which means negligence as a matter of law. A dog bite attorney can help San Francisco Bay Area residents sue a dog owner under this doctrine for any injuries caused by a loose dog.

Dog owners can also be strictly liable for non-bite injuries under the doctrine of scienter, based on their previous knowledge of a danger. If the owner has previous knowledge of the dog's aggressiveness or propensity to cause injuries, the owner will be held liable for any harm caused. This liability extends to any type of injury, regardless of whether the owner exercised due care in controlling the dog. Michael S. Biggs understands the intricacies of the law regarding injuries caused by dogs. He can carefully construct a strategy that uses all of the legal theories that may apply to your situation.

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Our Office is located in Walnut Creek, Biggs Law Offices A.P.C. litigates dog bite injury cases throughout San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties. San Francisco dog bite attorney Michael S. Biggs is ready to go after whoever was responsible for harming you. Call us at 925.933.1300 or contact us online to set up an appointment. Biggs Law Offices A.P.C. also can assist people who need a premises liability lawyer or assistance with other types of personal injury claims.

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