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Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Collision Lawyer Helping Victims in the San Francisco Bay Area Counties

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Being involved in a car accident is usually a painful experience for the victim and their family. There are nearly countless ways in which a car accident can occur, ranging from distracted driving, aggressive driving, to failures to check blind spots or appropriately yield at intersections. San Francisco Bay Area car accident lawyer Michael S. Biggs of Biggs Law A.P.C. is dedicated to helping victims who have been wronged as a result of another person’s carelessness fight for their legal rights and seek the compensation that they deserve. Michael S. Biggs is a personal injury lawyer who is a shrewd and confident litigator who does not back down from taking on powerful defendants like corporations, insurers, and government agencies. Car accident lawyer Biggs Law Office is dedicated to helping victims who have been wronged as a result of another person’s carelessness fight for their legal rights and seek the compensation that they deserve.

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Do Not Assume the Insurance Companies are Looking Out For You Know Your Rights After a Car Accident

Regardless of the type of accident in which you have been involved, to recover compensation from another driver, you probably will need to show that the other driver failed to operate their vehicle with due care. In general, people must drive with the same ordinary care and skill that a prudent and reasonable driver would use when encountering similar circumstances.

Drivers need to follow California’s traffic rules and regulations, but simply not breaking a law is not always enough to meet the duty of care. For example, although the speed limit sets the maximum speed at which a driver may travel, conditions such as bad weather, road construction, or heavy traffic may call for a more prudent, reduced speed in a certain situation. In some cases, more than one driver was responsible for an accident, or an entity like a driver’s employer may share the fault. An experienced car accident attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area can help you evaluate your claim and determine the appropriate parties to include in your lawsuit.

After showing that the other driver was negligent, you must next show that this negligent conduct was the cause of the injuries that you suffered. In other words, there must not have been some other factor outside the defendant’s control that resulted in the accident, and the accident must not have been an unforeseeable event under the circumstances.

The extent of the injuries that arise from a car accident is not always immediately clear, especially when brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, or other catastrophic injuries are involved. Retaining expert witnesses to help evaluate the full extent of your injuries and costs and to ensure that you have enough compensation to cover the long-term impact of any injuries that you have sustained is often vital. Some of the most common types of damages that plaintiffs tend to seek in car accident lawsuits include medical bills, lost earnings, reduced earning capacity, property damage, and pain and suffering.

A victim is not the only person who may bring a claim after a car accident. California also allows a claim for loss of consortium by an accident victim’s spouse. After a fatal accident, the surviving heirs of any person who lost their life as a result of the crash can assert a wrongful death claim against the driver who caused the accident to occur.

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If you have been involved in a car crash that was caused by another person’s negligent conduct, you should get a fearless motor vehicle collision lawyer in your corner. At Biggs Law Office A.P.C., we proudly serve accident victims throughout San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, Sonoma Napa and Solano Counties. Our Office is located in Walnut Creek, Biggs Law Office A.P.C. offers a consultation so that you can learn more about whether you may have a claim for compensation. Contact us now at 925.933.1300 or online to set up an appointment with a San Francisco Bay Area car accident attorney.

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